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Swiss Institute of Management and Sciences

All classes and activities in Switzerland are to be overseen by SIMI's sister institute, the Swiss Institute of Management and Sciences (SIMS).

SIMI Swiss

Students life & events

SIMI's distributed campuses are invested in to serve multiple purposes within the framework of accommodating global students and adhering to the Smart University model.


Study at the excellent campus located in the wealthiest and safest area of Switzerland

Situated in Zug, our full-time campus meets all international students' needs. With oversight from our sister institute, the Swiss Institute of Management and Sciences, studying becomes an exciting journey.

The full-time campus of SIMS

Available services

Versatile classes at Zug, Switzerland campus.

Seamless connectivity for academic success.

Connect and study with fully-equipped computer systems.

A place to relax after stressful study hours.

Self-study or work with research supervisors.

Reading books or simply relaxing in a quiet place.

Conference room equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

Water and snacks readily available.


Studying at the city campus in Zug has been an incredible experience. Despite its small size, the campus offers top-notch facilities and a supportive environment. I've received personalized attention from my professors and found ample opportunities for academic and personal growth.

Jonathan Marcus

Master Students


The campus may be small, but it packs a punch with its modern facilities and dedicated staff. I've enjoyed every moment of my time here and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a unique and enriching academic experience.

Thomas M

Ph.D candidates


The intimate class sizes allowed for meaningful interactions with my peers and professors, fostering a sense of community that I cherish. I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had here and look forward to continuing my academic journey in this inspiring environment.

Laura S

BBA Full time

SIMS is fully accredited.

Swiss Institute of Management and Sciences (SIMS)

SIMS, our sister institution, oversees all classes and activities for full-time students. It is a fully accredited higher education institute in Zug, Switzerland, with a philosophy centered around Flat Education.

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