Swiss History and Culture Workshops

Swiss History and Culture Workshops

Traditional Swiss Cooking Classes + -

Learn to prepare classic Swiss dishes, exploring the culinary traditions and regional specialties of Switzerland.

Swiss German Language Workshops + -

Offer introductory sessions in Swiss German, focusing on everyday phrases and cultural nuances to help newcomers integrate.

Historical Tours of Zug Old Town + -

Conduct guided tours through Zug’s charming Old Town, highlighting its historical buildings, ancient walls, and cultural landmarks.

Swiss Folk Music and Dance Sessions + -

Participate in workshops on traditional Swiss music and folk dances, providing a hands-on experience of Switzerland’s rich cultural heritage.

Swiss Watchmaking Workshops + -

Explore the art of Swiss watchmaking, including history, craftsmanship, and the opportunity to disassemble and reassemble watch mechanisms.

Swiss Art and Literature Discussions + -

Organize discussion groups focusing on Swiss art history and literature, covering iconic Swiss artists and authors through various periods.

Workshops on Swiss Political System + -

Offer seminars on the unique aspects of the Swiss political system, including federalism, direct democracy, and neutrality, to understand how these principles shape Swiss society.

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