Our premises

Campuses for Smart University Strategy

Smart University is a fundamental strategy in SIMI Swiss operations.


For SIMI Strategy

Campuses must meet the minimum standards and the strategy of Smart University.


For SIMI Students

SIMI campuses must fulfill the minimum requirements for both full-time and online students.

For SIMI lecturers

The campuses must support lecturers in delivering courses while meeting accreditor requirements.


For Health & Safety

All campuses must enforce strict safety rules for all stakeholders during visits and work.


City Campus

Located in the center of Zug city, it is used for boutique classes and live class.

Switzerland, EU & Asia


Located across Switzerland, the EU, and Asia for temporary live classes.


Full time campus

Exclusively for full-time students and their relatives, with full facilities.

SIMI Swiss

Students life & events

SIMI's distributed campuses are invested in to serve multiple purposes within the framework of accommodating global students and adhering to the Smart University model.

SIMI Swiss

Schools & Institutes

SIMI Swiss owns several independent institutes of higher education and schools.

Business School of Switzerland

Schools focus on Management and Business

Swiss Education School

School focus on Education & Innovation Pedagogy

Schweizer Institut für Hochschulbildung in Management und Innovation

International Relations Institute

IT Institute of Switzerland

Institute focus on IT & AI

Swiss Healthcare School

Focus on Social Healthcare & Psycology

Law Institute of Switzerland

Focus on Business Law

Pre University of Switzerland

School for Pre-U and advanced entry courses

Swiss School of Micro Credentials

Focus on Micro Degree & Micro Credentials

Swiss School of TVET

Focus on Technology and Vocational Education.

Weekly statistics

The usage ratio among different types of campuses.

SIMI has three types of campuses: City Campus, e-Campus, and full-time student campuses in Switzerland.

For students
For lectures
For events & colloquiums

Campuses for

Smart University Strategy

Multi-campus with decentralized investment is part of the Smart University strategy.



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