Hiking and Biking Trips

Hiking and Biking Trips

Guided Mountain Hikes + -

Explore the scenic trails and stunning vistas of the Zug region with expert-led hiking excursions, suitable for various fitness levels.

Biking Tours around Lake Zug + -

Cycle around the picturesque Lake Zug, enjoying the breathtaking landscapes and charming Swiss villages along the way.

Zugerberg Mountain Biking + -

Tackle the diverse trails of Zugerberg Mountain, offering routes for both beginners and experienced mountain bikers.

Historical Walking Tours + -

Discover the rich history of Zug through guided walks, exploring its historic sites and ancient landmarks.

Nature Photography Hikes + -

Join hikes specifically designed for photography enthusiasts, capturing the natural beauty of Zug's landscapes.

E-bike Adventures + -

Experience the thrill of e-biking through Zug’s diverse terrains, making uphill journeys more accessible and enjoyable.

Night Hiking Events + -

Participate in organized night hikes, experiencing the magic of Zug’s nature under the stars.

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