Culinary Tours and Chocolate Making Workshops

Culinary Tours and Chocolate Making Workshops

Zug Culinary Discovery Walks + -

Organize guided walks through Zug’s markets and specialty food shops, tasting local products like Zuger Kirschtorte and artisan cheeses.

Swiss Chocolate Making Workshops + -

Offer hands-on workshops where participants learn the art of Swiss chocolate making, from tempering to creating their own chocolate bars.

Farm to Table Experiences + -

Kayak across the calm waters of Lake Zug, enjoying the scenic views and peaceful nature that surrounds this beautiful area.

Swiss Cheese Tasting and Making + -

Conduct workshops on the craft of Swiss cheese making, including a tasting session featuring a variety of Swiss cheeses, from Gruyère to Emmental.

Traditional Swiss Cooking Classes + -

Host cooking classes focusing on traditional Swiss dishes, teaching techniques for making fondue, raclette, and rosti.

Swiss Pastry and Baking Workshops + -

Introduce participants to the art of Swiss baking, with hands-on sessions making pastries like leckerli, nusstorte, and zopf.

Swiss Wine Appreciation Evenings + -

Organize evenings dedicated to Swiss wines, offering tastings and insights into Switzerland’s wine regions and varietals.

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