Outdoor and Recreational Clubs

Outdoor and Recreational Clubs

Hiking and Mountaineering Club + -

Organize regular hikes and mountaineering expeditions in the Swiss Alps and surrounding areas of Zug, catering to various skill levels and promoting appreciation for the natural beauty of Switzerland.

Cycling Club + -

Create a cycling club that explores scenic routes around Lake Zug and beyond, offering both leisurely rides and more challenging routes for cycling enthusiasts.

Sailing and Watersports Club + -

Take advantage of Lake Zug's ideal conditions for sailing, paddle boarding, and kayaking by forming a club that organizes regular water-based activities and lessons.

Skiing and Snowboarding Group + -

During the winter months, organize group trips to nearby ski resorts for skiing and snowboarding, catering to all levels from beginners to advanced.

Nature Photography Club + -

Start a club for photography enthusiasts interested in capturing the stunning landscapes and natural beauty of the Zug region, including workshops and photo walks.

Yoga and Mindfulness Group + -

Establish a group that meets regularly for yoga and meditation sessions in parks or by the lake, focusing on wellness and relaxation.

Bird Watching Society + -

Form a society for bird enthusiasts to explore and document the diverse birdlife in and around Zug, organizing guided walks and educational talks.

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