Language and Cultural Immersion Courses

Language and Cultural Immersion Courses

Intensive Swiss German Courses + -

Offer intensive language courses designed to quickly boost proficiency in Swiss German, focusing on conversational skills and everyday vocabulary to aid in daily interactions and integration.

Cultural Immersion Workshops + -

Conduct workshops that delve into Swiss traditions, customs, and etiquette, providing participants with a deeper understanding of the local culture and how to navigate social situations.

Practical Language Application Outings + -

Organize outings and social events where participants can practice their language skills in real-life settings, such as local markets, cultural events, and guided city tours.

Swiss Cooking and Cuisine Classes + -

Host cooking classes that not only teach how to prepare traditional Swiss dishes but also explore the history and regional variations of Swiss cuisine, combining culinary skills with cultural learning.

Local History and Heritage Tours + -

Offer guided tours focusing on the history and heritage of Zug and surrounding areas, highlighting significant landmarks, historical events, and cultural developments.

Film and Literature Discussion Groups + -

Create discussion groups centered around Swiss films and literature to foster language comprehension and cultural appreciation, encouraging analysis and debate in the language of study.

Family and Community Integration Activities + -

Facilitate activities and gatherings that encourage interaction with local families and community groups, providing a supportive environment for practicing language skills and experiencing Swiss culture firsthand.

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