Tech and Finance Industry Visits

Tech and Finance Industry Visits

Crypto Valley Tech Tours + -

Organize guided tours of Zug's renowned Crypto Valley, showcasing cutting-edge blockchain companies and startups, providing insights into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Fintech Innovation Workshops + -

Host workshops and seminars featuring fintech startups based in Zug, covering topics like digital banking, mobile payment solutions, and financial technology innovations.

Networking Events with Industry Leaders + -

Arrange networking events and panel discussions with key figures from Zug's tech and finance sectors, offering opportunities for mentorship and collaboration.

Company Visits to Financial Institutions + -

Set up visits to leading banks and financial institutions in Zug, allowing participants to learn about international finance, wealth management, and regulatory compliance directly from industry professionals.

Startup Incubator Sessions + -

Offer sessions within local startup incubators and accelerators, focusing on the journey from idea to IPO, and covering essentials like funding, product development, and market entry.

Blockchain Application Workshops + -

Conduct workshops on practical applications of blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrencies, exploring its impact on industries like supply chain, healthcare, and more.

Tech and Finance Career Fairs + -

Organize career fairs specifically focusing on the tech and finance industries in Zug, connecting students and job seekers with potential employers in these dynamic sectors.

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