Entrepreneurship and Innovation Seminars

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Seminars

Startup Success Stories + -

Host talks and Q&A sessions with successful entrepreneurs from the Zug area, sharing insights into their journeys, challenges, and key lessons learned.

Innovation Workshops + -

Organize hands-on workshops on innovation methodologies such as design thinking, lean startup, and agile development to foster creative problem-solving skills.

Venture Capital and Funding Panels + -

Arrange panels with venture capitalists and angel investors to discuss funding opportunities, investment strategies, and what they look for in startups.

Market Analysis and Strategy Sessions + -

Offer seminars on conducting effective market analysis and developing robust market entry strategies, crucial for any new business venture.

Legal and Regulatory Framework Workshops + -

Provide workshops on navigating the legal and regulatory aspects of starting and running a business in Switzerland, focusing on compliance, taxation, and intellectual property rights.

Networking Events for Entrepreneurs + -

Facilitate regular networking events, allowing aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals to exchange ideas, form partnerships, and share resources.

Tech Innovation Case Studies + -

Present case studies of innovative tech solutions and products developed in or around Zug, highlighting the application of new technologies in solving real-world problems.

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