Professional Networking Events

Professional Networking Events

Industry-Specific Panels and Discussions + -

Organize panel discussions and keynote speeches by leaders in sectors prominent in Zug, such as finance, technology, and pharmaceuticals, facilitating knowledge sharing and networking opportunities.

Speed Networking Sessions + -

Host speed networking events, allowing participants to meet a wide array of professionals in a short amount of time, fostering quick but meaningful exchanges.

Networking Breakfasts/Lunches + -

Arrange regular networking breakfasts or lunches, providing a casual setting for professionals to connect, discuss industry trends, and share insights.

Startup Pitch Nights + -

Offer a platform for local startups to pitch their ideas to potential investors, partners, and fellow entrepreneurs, encouraging innovation and collaboration within the community.

Career Fairs + -

Coordinate career fairs featuring local and international companies based in Zug, enabling professionals and companies to match talent with opportunities.

Workshops on Networking Skills + -

Conduct workshops focused on developing effective networking skills, including elevator pitches, LinkedIn branding, and networking strategies.

Virtual Networking Events + -

Facilitate virtual networking events, especially important for reaching professionals who may not be able to attend in person, using breakout rooms for more intimate discussions.

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