Personal Finance and Living Abroad Workshops

Personal Finance and Living Abroad Workshops

Budgeting Basics for Expats + -

Offer workshops focused on budget management and financial planning for expatriates living in Zug, covering topics like cost of living adjustments and savings strategies.

Investment Strategies for International Residents + -

Conduct seminars on investment options available to international residents, including tax considerations and retirement planning in a foreign country.

Understanding Swiss Banking and Finance + -

Provide insights into the Swiss banking system, including how to navigate banking services, savings accounts, and investment opportunities in Switzerland.

Taxation for Expatriates in Switzerland + -

Host workshops on the Swiss tax system, specifically tailored for expatriates, covering income tax filing, double taxation agreements, and tax optimization strategies.

Health Insurance and Social Security Benefits + -

Offer sessions explaining the Swiss health insurance system and social security benefits, guiding expatriates through the process of securing coverage and understanding their entitlements.

Real Estate and Housing Market Insights + -

Organize seminars on the Zug real estate market, offering advice on renting versus buying, understanding lease agreements, and finding suitable accommodation.

Cultural Adaptation and Integration + -

Conduct workshops to help expatriates and their families adapt to living in Switzerland, covering Swiss culture, etiquette, and practical tips for integrating into the local community.

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